Korea Travel Guide

Korea Travel Guide: 55 tips to get to know Korea for foreigners

Need a Korea Travel Guide? I will continue to share various information for foreigners planning a trip or short stay in Korea, which has recently attracted a lot of attention and love from many foreigners due to the interest in K-pop and other new cultures that they have never experienced before. I hope that it will be of practical use to those traveling to Korea and short-term residents. I also have a separate guide for foreigners staying in Korea for a long time, so you can check out various information through that as well.

Korea Travel Guide

I. Preparing to Travel to Korea

II. Transportation and getting around in Korea

  • How to Get from Incheon Airport to Seoul
  • How to use public transportation in Korea (subway, bus, taxi, etc.)
  • Riding trains in Korea (KTX, Mugunghwa, etc.)
  • Flying domestically to Nami Island, Jeju Island, etc.
  • Renting a Car in Korea
  • Bicycle paths and bicycle rentals in Korea
  • Getting around and using navigation in Korea
  • Getting around Korea’s major cities

III. Recommended destinations in Korea

  • Seoul attractions and tourist spots
  • Busan, Gyeongju, and other Gyeongsangnam-do destinations
  • Jeolla-do destinations such as Jeonju and Gwangju
  • Gyeongsangbuk-do: Daegu, Andong, etc.
  • Gangneung, Sokcho, and other Gangwon-do destinations
  • Recommended itineraries for Jeju Island
  • National Parks and Natural Spots in Korea
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Korea

IV. Food and shopping in Korea

  • Korea’s Famous Foods and Eats
  • Foreigners’ Favorite Restaurants in Korea
  • Korea’s cafe and dessert culture
  • Traditional markets in Korea
  • Best places to shop in Korea (Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, etc.)
  • Duty-free shopping tips in Korea
  • Shopping for cosmetics and beauty products in Korea

V. Culture and entertainment in Korea

  • Visit movie and drama filming locations in Korea
  • Attend K-pop concerts and fan meetings
  • Attend traditional performances in Korea (gugak, talu dance, etc.)
  • Touring museums and art galleries in Korea
  • Theme parks and amusement parks in Korea
  • Experience Korea’s esports and gaming culture
  • VR cafes and VR theme parks in Korea
  • Visit places related to Hallyu stars in Korea (Korea Travel Guide)

VI. Must-do experiences in Korea

  • Trying on and renting hanbok
  • Learn traditional tea and tea ceremony in Korea
  • Temple stays and temple culture in Korea
  • Jjimjilbang and steam room culture in Korea
  • Experience Korea’s traditional “hanok” dwellings
  • Seoul nightlife and Han River cruises
  • Night markets and food truck alleys in Korea
  • Nighttime openings at Korea’s ancient palaces and a moonlight tour of Changdeokgung Palace

VII. Travel tips and tricks (Korea Travel Guide)

  • How to handle emergencies while traveling in Korea
  • Public Restrooms and Etiquette in Korea
  • Essential applications while traveling in Korea
  • Simple phrases and body language in Korea
  • Seasonal travel points in Korea
  • Things to watch out for while traveling in Korea
  • Useful services for travelers in Korea
  • Tips and tricks from travel experts in Korea

We’ll cover everything from practical tips to things to do and cultural immersion for your short stay and trip to Korea.(aka. Korea Travel Guide) From pre-arrival preparations to information on public transportation, food, shopping, and attractions, you’ll get a sense of what makes Korea unique. For those of you planning a trip to Korea. There are plenty of articles(this Korea Travel Guide post) and posts out there, but we hope you’ll stop by and check out this weekly roundup of information organized in one place. Thanks, and I’ll keep you posted in another post.

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